Mailstart+ Franking Machine

Entry Level Mailmark Franking Machine

Small Office Mailstart+ Franking Machine

The Mailcoms Mailstart+ Mailmark franking machine is the ideal solution for any small business. It comes packed with many useful features and will fit comfortably into any office. This perfect entry level solution is provided to you by us.

The Mailstart+ franking machine not only offers you the lower, discounted, Mailmark franking prices but it also comes fitted with a useful 2.5 Kg weighing scale. This will ensure that all of your post is accurately weighed and calculated.

Re-credit the franking machine 24 hours a day either via a LAN or Wi-Fi connection and benefit from the latest franking technologies with the Mailstart+ meter.

Mailstart+ Franking Machine

Franking Speed

The Mailcoms Mailstart+ franking machine can frank mail at a top speed of 20 letters per minute.


Process DL, C5 & C4 envelopes, with a max. thickness of 9.5mm, with the Mailcoms Mailstart+ franking machine.


Connect your Mailcoms Mailstart+ franking machine to the internet either via a LAN or Wi-Fi connection options.


An integrated 2.5Kg scale comes as standard with the Mailcoms Mailstart+.

Mailcoms Mailstart+ Specifications

  • Franking Speed: Up to 20 Letters Per Minute
  • Feeding: Manual
  • Weighing Scale: 2.5kg standard
  • Smart Meter Technology: Yes
  • Mailmark Technology: Yes
  • Job Memories: Yes
  • Ad Slogans: 5
  • Departmental Accounts: 10 standard
  • Max. Envelope Thickness: 9.5mm
  • PIN Security: Yes
  • System Dimensions (Length x Depth x Height): 351mm x 264mm x 231mm

Mailcoms Mailstart+ Options

  • Connectivity: LAN or Wi-Fi Options

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