Neopost IS350 / IS-350 Smart Franking Machine

Brand: Neopost
Product Code: IS350 / IS-350 Franking Machine
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The Neopost IS350 / IS-350 Smart Franking Machine Product comes in guaranteed working order.

Further Information on the Neopost IS-350 / IS350 Low Volume Smart Franking Machine

Franking Machines

The Neopost IS350 operates at speeds of up to 40 letters per minute. This 'semi automatic feeding franking machine comes complete with built in 2Kg postal scales, all Royal Mail rates. The Neopost IS350 also offers 'Smart Meter' technology allowing you to use Royal Mail 'Vat' applied services such as 'Pre 9am Special Delivery' and 'International Airsure'.

The Neopost IS350 / IS-350 also Offers:

  • Continous 'Pass Through' Franking for faster feeding
  • Integrated weigh platform
  • PIN code protection helps you control usage
  • Default rate setting helps eliminate accidental mis-posting

About the Neopost IS350 / IS-350.

  • Serial number: N3015338
  • Total Impressions: 5281 Items
  • Condition: Needs Cleaning
  • Previous User: Stanley International Betting

Neopost IS-350 / IS350 Smart Franking Machine Further Information:

  • Speed: 40 Letters Per Minute
  • Built In Postal Scale: Yes, 3Kg
  • Smart Meter: Yes
  • Royal Mail Vat Services Compliant: Yes
  • Royal Mail License Included: Yes
  • Connection Method for 'Top-Ups' or updates: Analogue Line (such as a fax line) & Lan Connection
  • Postal Rate Change Update: ALL Inclusive Free of Charge with our Support & Service Agreement
  • Free Delivery and Installation: Yes
  • Ink Cartridge Cost & Yield: £89.95 for approx. 7,000 Impressions (Mailcoms Pricing)
  • Full Ink Cartridge and Pack of Labels Supplied With Machine: Yes
  • Machine Age & Usage: Approximately 12 Months & Very Light Usage
  • Annual Support & Service Agreement: 1st 12 Months Free of Charge, thereafter - £199 per annum

Mailcoms are an authorised distributor for Neopost and are fully approved to inspect, Service and Maintain Neopost franking machines by the Royal Mail.