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Franking Machine FAQs

What is a franking machine?

A franking machine offers businesses an alternative way of sending their mail. Instead of using a traditional stamp, a franking machine will produce a clean and clear frank onto your mail. A frank is the stamp alternative, and a franking machines main purpose is to allow businesses to use a frank instead of a stamp. Franking machines come with a wide range of benefits and features that make them more appealing to use over stamps.

Do I benefit from postage discounts when using a franking machine?

Yes, every time you frank a mail item you will benefit from lower franking prices. You qualify for cheaper postage when using any franking machine. This will enable any business to reduce their everyday mailing costs. You can see how much you can save by downloading our Royal Mail PDF here.

Is a franking machine good for business?

Yes it can be. You can save money on every item franked and you will also be able to personalize your mail more effectively and efficiently. If you have a company logo and / or return address that you would like to use you can let your customers see it.

What is smart meter technology?

Smart meter technology is an older piece of franking technology that can benefit all users. It is incorporated in all modern franking machines so that businesses can use Royal Mail VAT services and products. Smart meter uses ‘data capture’ so you can reclaim VAT after payment. As well as this it requires franking machines to use improved smart blue ink to help improve the readability of the franked impression.

What is Mailmark technology?

Mailmark franking is a brand new franking service that can be used by almost all modern franking machines. This technology allows you to use even lower franking prices, giving you immediate access to the lowest franking prices. This service was released during 2014 by Royal Mail and many franking machine suppliers are now implementing this change into their franking machines. Extra franking benefits will be gained with Mailmark including tracking of mail, automatic tariff updates and a new 2D barcode impression.