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Quadient iX-5 Series Mailmark Franking Machine

Mailroom iX-5 Series Franking Machine

The Quadient iX-5 Series Mailmark franking machine is an ideal solution for businesses who send out more mail on a daily basis. It comes packed with many useful features and is one possible solution provided to you by Quadient.

The iX-5 Series franking machine not only offers you the lower, discounted, Mailmark franking prices but it also comes fitted with a useful 3, 5, 10 or 30 Kg weighing scale. This will ensure that all of your post is accurately weighed and calculated.

Re-credit the franking machine 24 hours a day either via a LAN or Wi-Fi connection and benefit from the latest franking technologies with the iX-5 Series meter.

Quadient iX-5 Series Mailmark Franking Machine